Tuesday, August 14, 2012

They've changed blogger so it's harder to understand how to post or what I'm doing with it in my absence. I frankly dislike it when things are "improved" when I'm not looking, but it happens all of the time. The only constant in my life is Change.

So about those banjos - I can indeed play a few songs now on the tenor banjo, and I'm damn proud of the fact. I'd like to spring for more music, but it'll have to wait. I make do with what's on the web, and there are a lot of free guitar chords listed on the web. However, if you want the melody or it written in musical notation, usually you have to pay extra for that.

I feel like writing, but not here. I am crawling into myself and I don't feel all that much like sharing. In other news, I am exercising, so even if weight loss doesn't happen, I feel stronger and more durable.