Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Karma happens

Once upon a time (about three years ago), Someone taught me to spin. She bought me my first spindle and a bit of fluffy silk and said, "Here- Try it." So I did. I know have a wheel and a bin full of fiber and a few more spindles.

Last week, she saw one of our fiber friends had learned to weave, and she sighed and wished someone would show her. I happen to have a table loom from my mother and an inkle loom from another friend, so I went for a walk with a lot to carry, and then this happened:

I warped the table loom with some white yarn while she balled up a nice contrasting color. (and yes, that's the inkle in the back right). Then she actually tried the weaving part:

I do okay as a beginning teacher when I'm one on one. I left the table loom with her and let her work some more without me... and she figured out this stuff further all on her own. See?

I am very proud of her. :) And I feel I have paid her back with her own new obsession.