Monday, May 10, 2010

NH Sheep & Wool (2010)

Last weekend was the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool festival, and I went with my boss ladies and helped out.

Booth with boss ladies

Just before I left for the woolfest, Jazz asked me, "Are there sheep?"

This just made me giggle. Not only are there sheep, but there are alpaca, llama, goats, and bunnies. And a few dogs too, but I didn't take any pictures of the dogs. Just as I was getting ready to go though, one lovely border collie crawled on his belly up to me (dragging his poor owner), and demanded loving. He reminded me of our basset and how he'll lie and say nobody ever loves on me and how abused he is. So perhaps I put off leaving NH for five minutes of puppy love.

Baby angora bunny

A bunny like this was carried around in a basket on someone's back for much of Sunday. They usually have fluffy buns for sale, or at the very least petting.

Wall o' Fleece

Of course more people are there to buy the freshly shorn fleeces, and I astonish people when I tell them I'm not allergic to the wool in this form. The smell of a clean fleece is delightful, and it's fun to me to stick my hand in and pet the lovely fibers.


The weather all weekend was very cold. These alpaca had to have coats put on because they were freshly shorn. Some of the sheep had coats too, but that is usually for protecting the coat from vegetable matter and dirt. Even I was cold, and I don't get cold that easily. I'll bring handwarmers and more layers next time. I may have to actually knit myself a sweater or something. Cold kept the customers away and sapped our energy. I'm very tired right now, even if it is a happy tired.

I think they're pygora, but I could be wrong. They are very tiny goats, about the same size as Max our mini schnauzer. It is tempting to think we have room in our yard for these little goats, but honestly, taking care of them is harder than the dogs, so I don't really want one. This is also why Jazz is probably safe from bunnies.

Wendsleydale sheep

And yes, there were sheep. This one just had an adorable face I could not resist.

At the end of the day

This is a brief glimpse of the chaos that is arrival or departure - things partly packed, needing to be moved, always when one is tired, and then the long drive home. But I got to hug and see many friends and make a few new friends, and a little more money went home with me than stayed there, so overall a happy tired weekend.

And that's what a fiber festival just is.

See y'all in three weeks for Massachusetts Sheep & Wool.