Saturday, October 31, 2009

I've been busy

In October, I made a push to actually knit some of my handspun, in particular some of the Abby batts I spun during this year's Tour de Fleece.

The above turned into the below as one example.

There was also a shrug but there will be no photos of that until I finish it up entirely.

I also wanted to make pumpkins, and here are my pumpkins, with a lovely twining vine on the foot, and poofy slouchy pumpkins on the ankle. Pattern for Pumpkins will come soon. These were done with Burnt Orange Holiday Yarns.

Monday, October 19, 2009

After Rhinebeck

I worked Rhinebeck in the Booth for Holiday Yarns and the TsockTsarina. I came home full of the urge to cast on, design, and spin - all at once. I met wonderful people, taught a few tricks, learned a few tricks, and discovered no matter how late I stayed up, I still woke up around 6 AM.

I feel like I have to open a new blog and myself get onto a schedule for blogging, and write about knitting. When I was younger, I used to Need to write like I need to breathe, and now, I'm more tuned into knitting and the fiber world, so I feel I need to write about that.