Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Iron Knitter report

I am occasionally vain about how fast I knit, so when someone posted a sock race competition, I felt it was mine to lose. I was irritated when they added things like puzzles and large gaps of time between rounds, but I still played along. This involved six pairs, and I finished in the top 15 of 98.

Pair #1 This pair was given to Gwynivar for her belated Kissmoose gift. Other than knitting straight off the cone of undyed yarn so there was more twist than there ought to be, this pair had no problems.

Pair #2 I heavily modified the pattern on the cuff so that it would fit, or else it would have had horrible cankles. The pattern also called for cuff down, which I dislike knitting. The one on the right was later completely frogged and reknit toe up for better fit. These I kept for me.

Pair #3 This pair is a little tight on the cuff. If I knew someone with skinny legs, I'd consider gifting them. The pattern called for cuff down, but I knit them toe up and no one noticed.

Pair #4 I love the color break in this yarn, but again, the pattern wasn't a gauge that will fit me. All of the patterns we were told over and over again were on Size 2 needles, although this one's instructions said size 0 needles. I think they would have fit me had I used 0s. While knitting this one, Max had health issues and required extensive dental surgery. This pair and a pair I knit between rounds went to his furry paw mother who helped us cope with that. You can see this sock is almost falling off my ankle.

Pair #5 I liked this pattern - it was toe up. The thing I did not like was that it wasn't centered on my foot, and I will re-write it for better centering if I ever knit this again, or only put the lacy bits on the ankle. This yarn, Dream in Color Smooshy is very warm, so even though it's lacey, it's still a Very Warm Sock.

Pair #6 Finished at last. This is a complicated sock, and I didn't understand its construction when I worked it cuff down. So sock #2 was toe up, and required some fudging/re-writes to work. I liked it better with my fudges, even though it would have gotten me tossed had I been the first finisher.

These were all knit between January 20, 2010, and April 14, 2010. I also knit half a scarf and at least one other pair of socks not in the competition.